Invitation to lodge a claim


The invitation to lodge a claim was dated 8 July 2010.  It was published in the Icelandic Law and Ministerial Gazette on 13 July 2010 and in the Official Journal of the European Union on 3 September 2010.


All parties claiming debts or other rights from Byr Savings Bank (reg. no. 610269-2229) are hereby invited to submit their claims in writing to the Winding-up Board of the Bank within three months of the first publication of this notice (13 July 2010).


Accordingly the last date to submit claims is 13 October 2010.


The reference date for the winding-up proceedings is 16 June 2009.


Claims must be filed with the Winding-up Board within the specified time limit and shall comply with the instructions in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 117 of Act no. 21/1991 on Bankruptcy.


Claims shall be sent to:

   Byr Savings Bank

   Ranargata 18

   101 Reykjavik



Pursuant to the aforementioned provisions, creditors are asked to include itemized amount of their claims as of 2 July 2010.


Claims in foreign currencies are to be filed in the relevant currency.  Creditors from member states of the European Economic Area or of the European Free Trade Association may file claims in the language of that state.  Such claims must be accompanied by an Icelandic translation.  It is permitted to file a claim in English without having it translated to Icelandic.  Other creditors can file their claims in Icelandic or English.


If a claim is not filed within the aforementioned time limit, the claim is considered null and void according to Article 118 of Act no. 21/1991 on Bankruptcy, unless the exceptions specified in sub-paragraphs 1 to 6 of the said Article apply.


By filing a claim the creditor is deemed to have waived the rights to confidentiality (bank secrecy) with regard to the claim in question.


Creditors meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 November 2010 at 3 PM at Grand Hotel Reykjavik.  Any party who has filed a valid claim against the Bank is entitled to attend the meeting.  The meeting will discuss the list of filed claims and the Winding-up Board's position towards the recognition of claims insofar as it is available.


For further information on filing and handling of claims, please send e-mail to the Winding-up Board at


Please provide your e-mail address and bank account information when filing a claim.


Creditors are encouraged to file their claims as soon as possible, to ease the claim process.





Invitation to lodge a claim  -  8 July 2010

Publication in the Icelandic Law and Ministerial Gazette  -  13 July 2010

Publication in the Official Journal of the European Union  -  3 September 2010