Notice for an Extraordinary General Meeting

The Board of Directors of Old Byr Holding ehf. (tax no 471215-2280) hereby gives notice that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company will be held on 22 November 2016 at Ránargata 18 in Reykjavík and start at 2 PM.
The agenda for the meeting is:
  1)  Report on the Company's operations.
  2)  Remuneration of the Board of Directors.
It is proposed that the remuneration of the Board will remain unchanged from the AGM on 3 May 2016, until an AGM is held before the end of March 2017.
  3)  Amendments to the Articles of Association of the Company.
The Board proposes a change to the third paragraph of Art 12 in the Articles of Association, that the time for a notice to shareholders will be changed from two weeks to one week.  The proposal is as follows:
"Annual General Meetings and extraordinary meetings shall be convened with a notice on BYR's website and with a written notice to the shareholders sent by mail or e-mail, in accordance with BYR's share capital register, cf. Article 6 of these Articles of Association, with a minimum notice of one week and a maximum notice of four weeks.  The notice shall specify the meeting agenda."

Shareholder's proposals, which shall be presented at this extraordinary meeting, must be submitted to the Company at least ten days before the meeting.
Further information and final submission will be available for inspection by shareholders, at the office of the Company and on its website, seven days before the meeting.