• The Board of Directors of Old Byr Holding ehf. (tax no 471215-2280) hereby gives notice that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company will be held on 22 November 2016 at Ránargata 18 in Reykjavík and start at 2 PM.
  • The Annual General Meeting of Old Byr Holding ehf. was held on 3 May 2016.
  • The Annual General Meeting of Old Byr Holding ehf. has been postponed until 3 May 2016.

Old Byr ses.

Formerly Byr Savings Bank.  This is the main company.  It holds all the assets and the operations of the winding-up process.  Creditors made their claims toward this company, including the two outstanding disputed claims.
Name:  Old Byr ses.  (Icelandic: Gamli Byr ses.)
Formerly:  Byr Savings Bank ses.  (Icelandic: Byr Sparisjóður ses.)
Tax no:  610269-2229
Legal form:  Not-for-profit organization
Old Byr ses.
Ránargata 18
101 Reykjavík
Board of Directors:
Gunnar Þór Þórarinsson, Chairman
Eva Bryndís Helgadóttir
Stefán Árni Auðólfsson
Þórir Örn Ingólfsson
Skógarhlíð 12
105 Reykjavík
The Company is owned by Old Byr Holding ehf.