• The Disctrict Court in Reykjavik has ruled and rejected claims that were made for guaranteed capital.
  • As a part of the Winding-up proceedings, the Winding-up Board reviewed whether any bonds issued by BYR or its predecessors had been redeemed prior to maturity.
  • With Act no. 155/2010 on Special Tax on Financial Institutions, a new tax was introduced with the purpose of funding cost that the Icelandic Government had incurred due to the collapse of the Icelandic financial system and to reduce its risk seeking.

Winding-up Proceedings

This is the official site of Byr Savings Bank during the winding-up proceedings. 
Byr Savings Bank is currently in a winding-up proceedings, during which the Bank is headed by a Winding-up Board appointed by the District Court of Reykjavik.  The Board is responsible for maximizing the Bank's assets and handle the claiming process.
Byr Savings Bank
Ranargata 18
101 Reykjavik
Reg. no. 610269-2229
Winding-up Board

Important dates

A date for the next creditors' meeting has not been set.

Notice on the sale to Islandsbanki

Byr Savings Bank has sold its share in Byr hf. to Islandsbanki hf. and the two banks have merged under the name of Islandsbanki hf.  The sale was finalized on 23 November 2011 and the merger on 27 November 2011.
PLEASE NOTE that in June 2013 Islandsbanki hf. filed a claim with the Winding-up Board of Byr Savings Bank, claiming repayment of the complete purchase price and all interests paid since.  The Winding-up Board has rejected the claim and sent the dispute to the District Court of Reykjavik.  For further information, see the News section of this web page.